Lobster Live Arrives at Bodo’s Schloss

By a woman smiling holding a drink in black and white Emily Gray |
19th May 2015

Tuesdays are rather pointless aren’t they? They’re not the start of the week, the middle, the end or the weekend, they’re just there. Which is why we’re ignoring today and looking to tomorrow, the middle of week, it’s freewheeling all the way to the weekend from Wednesday.

This of course is a reason to celebrate and Bodo’s Schloss thinks so too because they’ve just launched Lobster Live on Wednesdays.  Following on from the popular Fondue Wednesdays this new summer offering will see fresh lobster being served with chips and salad for a pretty sweet £25. Because why not have lobster on a Wednesday?  To accompany it will be the sound of London Essentials who will be playing live each week. They recently played in Verbier so they’re the fitting band for the chalet inspired Bodo’s.

They say Thursday is the new Friday so does that mean Wednesday is the new Thursday? And everyone knows Thursdays are a perfectly acceptable night to go out, so what’s your excuse now?


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