The Handbook
The Handbook

The cinema, it’s not exactly glamourous is it? The floor always has a sticky popcorn residue, someone is always rustling their sweet wrappers and inevitably just as you’re about to get to the big reveal, someone decides they need to leave, cue a shadow taking over the screen as they walk past and you miss what is being said as someone talks over it. Great.

Well Motion Picture Supper Club have had enough, they want to bring back the glamour and decadence of going out for dinner and then going to the pictures. They have an 1920s style to them but they’re not about recreating the era, rather they just want to bring everything together under roof, that’s cocktails, dinner, a film and post- watching revelry.

The next event is taking place on the 22nd and 23rd May in Bloomsbury and they’ve teamed up with Tanqueray to show American Beauty and Catch Me If You Can. Things get underway with welcome cocktails inside the grand Art Deco bar with accompanying jazz from the Basin Street Brawlers, there’s something about the combination of cocktails and jazz that always makes you feel a little more glamourous, especially when comparing it to the Coke and nacho option at Vue/Odeon/Cineworld (delete as applicable).

Next up is a candlelit three-course meal from the Disappearing Dining Club, which is served during the screening of the film. Dishes includes grilled and pickled asparagus with goats cheese and soft boiled quail’s egg and New York striploin with lobster béarnaise, stuffed potato skins and green bean salad and to finish brownie with salted caramel and popcorn parfait.

Afterwards rather than jumping on the bus home, they’ll be more live music, more cocktails and a whole lot of dancing as they celebrate with a night of good old fashioned merriment.

Motion Picture Supper Club will be taking place on Friday 22nd May (American Beauty) and Saturday 23rd May (Catch Me If You Can).