Outdoor Cinema

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Jane Semple by | Posted on 28th May 2015
Outdoor Cinema

Right that’s it. We’ve had enough of the long lounges on the sofa and munching through 3000 calories of junk. It’s summer for goodness sake we need to get outside, stretch our limbs and get bikini body ready. Are we allowed to say that? Diet. Is. On.

Ha joke. Or not?

Instead we’ll kick back and relax at the Outdoor Cinema which is a pop up cinema club running throughout the UK from June-September. They pride themselves in bringing unique cinema experiences to the masses, which is just what we need. After all we’ve only been having the same cinema experience for all our lives now. 

We might do a leg lift or two or stretch our legs to get some popcorn at some point because we are hard workers.

The London event is at Hackney hangout Shapes and Turntables on the which is located on the canal side terrace space of Hackney Wick. 

Outdoor cinema is bringing some of your favourite movies to London and you can vote online now. So take a peak at their page and vote for traditional favourites such as Grease, Wolf Of Wall Street and Anchor Man. This voting process is  potentially more important than the recent election and you’ll definitely have more say in the outcome. Power to the people!



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