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The Handbook

We don’t condone fighting, we’re not impressed by a battle and arguing means nothing to us… unless that is you’re fighting for our approval when it comes to food. How can anyone resist 16 chefs competing against each other to take home the Slider Decider crown? How indeed. Not sure what a slider is? It’s pretty much a mini burger but can be any small sandwich served in a slider roll… they do say good things come in small packages.  

 Of course you get to take part in the action by trying the burgers, but be prepared as we’re not just talking about your normal ‘gherkin with tomato ketchup’ burgers here. Nope these off the wall creations that you would expect a Willy Wonka to make if his business was more burger related.  Hoping to hold onto his crown from last year’s victory, Tim Anderson is among one of the finalists with his entry ‘Wasted away in Umecheesovil’ a double sesame rice flour brioche, chuck and chicken liver patty basted in nori-shiitake butter, three cheese potato korrokke with Quaver crust, half baked tomato, green shiso, unneboshi ketchup, M?yo mayo, pickled lettuce, all served with a shot of shochu.  Can you imagine just how good that’s got to taste?

 So grab your tickets, get ringside and get ready for the burger battle to commence.

 When: 4th June
Where: The Gun27 Coldharbour, Docklands, London E14 9NS