Fish and chips is a classic English dish that is loved by pretty much everyone and is also weirdly versatile – seriously, this staple food can be enjoyed at almost every occasion. Fish and chips on the pier at the seaside, at family dinner, or at your friend’s wedding served in tiny metallic buckets and wrapped in faux newspaper (not cliché at all). Let’s be honest though, battered cod isn’t exactly the height of sophistication and class.

However, Maison Krug and Tom Sellers are hoping to change this, through their new culinary collaboration, a temporary gourmet chip shop. Krug & Chips will be a rough luxury culinary experience located in Covent Garden, serving dishes that play on traditional chip shop ingredients with a twist. Krug is known for choosing one raw and unexpected ingredient to explore each year and for 2015, he has chosen the humble potato. Waffles and mash are not exactly what springs to mind when you think of top chefs creating fancy new dishes, but Krug and Sellers have certainly come up with more interesting uses for potatoes than curly fries.

Sellers is a Michelin starred chef known for his quirky combinations, so it is no surprise that the shop’s signature dishes will be a unique take on a traditional chippy’s menu, with shop delights including a potato ravioli with fish in tartar sauce, Monkfish cheek curry with matchstick fries and Lobster claw wrapped in potato spaghetti with tartar sauce. The pop up will take on the appearance of a British chip shop themed dining pods and of course dishes will be accompanied by Krug Grande Cuvée.   Now, The Handbook is certainly no expert on cooking, but this menu definitely sounds just a smidge more sophisticated (and a whole lot more tasty) than your local chippy.

Krug & Chips is open from July 8th to July 12th.

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