Spring Grove review

By Charlotte Knight |
1st June 2015

What: Pub with a homely not dated feel and great summer garden
Where: Kingston (zone 6 – The Handbook gets around)
Why you should go there: If you ever find yourself in these neck of the woods and are unsure where to eat
Favourite thing we had: Beetroot, chick pea and fennel burger – more exciting than it sounds
Spring Grove External

I am a notorious pub hater, they remind me of the days you could smoke inside and the roaring sounds of football games but every so often you come across a pub that has done its best to shed the old man feel and Spring Grove is one of those. Situated in the residential side of Kingston, it seems like a likely choice for the locals with a large bar area, separate space for dining and a pretty terrace and summer garden. The dining area boasts glass windows overhead flooding the room with light so you get a good view of your date (whether this is a good thing or not) and the open plan kitchen.
Spring Grove-02770The menu offers options you would typically find in a British pub like soup, steak, burgers, pies and lamb rump but with a few extras like salmon and salt beef croquettes showing that Spring Grove is a little forward thinking. As a vegetarian you find yourself expecting the same dishes over and over again if you even get an option on the menu, I’ve had more risottos and veggie burgers than I can shake a lettuce leaf at so with little excitement I opted for the beetroot, chick pea and fennel burger (my date wasn’t feeling my choice and got the steak which he described as ‘average’). The patty of the burger was nice enough but the winning formula came from the added Rosary goat’s cheese and caramelised onions slathered on it making it seem really indulgent.
Spring Grove Tap RoomThe pudding menu didn’t have the Lemon Tart when we were there which would have been my first option so number two was the Sticky Toffee Pudding with butterscotch sauce and salted caramel ice cream. It was a bit dry and cakey for my liking but the sauce and ice cream was nice so not a total loss. Other options were things like brownies and cheesecake. 

The venue can’t be faulted and will surely be a prime spot the hotter it gets due to its spacious garden, especially with the university a short walk away. The food was nice enough but perhaps not worth going out of your way for.


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