Voga: Your New Rooftop Workout

By a woman smiling holding a drink in black and white Emily Gray |
25th June 2015

What do you get when you fuse yoga with 80s Voguing? Voga, obviously.

Intrigued? We certainly are given we’re always on the lookout for a new workout and this sounds right up our street as it combines the breath –synchronized movement of yoga with the expressive dance moves of the 80s. It’s said to bring a night out to the realms of lycra and sweat (all though that sounds like a night out in some clubs already) and all set to an iconic 80s sound track courtesy of DJ Deanne Olive-Evans.

And where can you partake in this? At Coq d’Argent, they’ve teamed up with House of Voga to hold classes on the last Sunday of each month in their rooftop garden. Classes start at 11am and last for an hour and afterwards you can stay on to enjoy lunch in the restaurant – because gymming definitely requires lunch.

Classes take place on 28th June, 26th July, 23rd August and 27th September
To book tickets click here


Photo: Katrina O’Duffy

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