The thing about technology is that it’s made us all pretty lazy people. Emojis have replaced actual sentences and Snapchat just updated their app so that you only have to tap the screen to view snaps, rather than hold down your finger. Now it would seem that even lifting a drink is too much effort for us, and to be honest, we’re not really complaining.

This summer, the creative (read: insane) people behind Bompas & Parr are opening a bar that’s filled with alcohol vapour and swaying patrons. Rather than getting a little too merry the old fashioned way, all you have to do at this drinking spot is inhale. Think of it as alcoholic architecture.

The bar is set to open in July and despite being located in an ancient monastery in Borough Market, we’re sure the activities will be far from holy. Guests will be invited into a misty, alcohol tinged room and can then breathe in as much liquor as they want for up to an hour. This might sound like a bit of a farce, but it’s actually all very scientific. The atmosphere itself is created using a powerful humidifier that fills the otherwise clear room in a low-hanging cloud of various mixers and spirits. However, this does mean that visibility is significantly reduced to less than 3 feet…bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘beer goggles.’ No need to worry about your clothes smelling either, as you’ll be given a waterproof poncho and apron.

So if you fancy getting tipsy without any of the effort, a bit of alcoholic architecture seems like the new key to getting ‘hammered.’

Alcoholic Architecture opens at the end of July.