Masala Grill Review

By Charlotte Knight |
2nd July 2015

Masala Grill Puri 088You might recognise the address as this was the location of the well-known Indian restaurant, Chutney Mary for 25 years before it recently hopped over to Green Park, the group behind it quickly utilised the venue space to replace it with Masala Grill. The interior is great fun and adorned with various Indian nicnacs; the conservatory is the best place to dine whether rain or shine as it is brightly decorated with a spiralling tree as the centre piece.
MG 1The food here is fantastic, for the main I opted for the Paneer Makhanwalla which comprised of Indian cottage cheese in a buttery, tomato based sauce – cheese and butter in a curry, dairy indulgence at its finest. I definitely recommend. This is one of those restaurants where you can’t really go wrong with menu choice as everything has been cooked to a high standard with delicious results. I’m a real wimp when it comes to spice so as a side I thought that the Saag – spinach with burnt garlic, would be a safe choice. After one mouthful I was downing water and losing taste buds fast, thinking that I have reached a new level of wimpyness where even garlic would offend my delicate taste buds. I asked if there was anything else in the dish only to be informed that it contained green chilli – you may learn from my pain, future diners.
MG 2The whole meal was building until the dessert when it exploded in a taste finale in my mouth, the Gulab Jamin (Indian doughnuts) are the best I have ever had and were joined by another favourite of mine, Salted Caramel Ice Cream – perhaps not the most obvious pairing but it was magnificent. I have noticed that carrot desserts seem to be a popular Indian finisher which may not seem that tempting but it’s akin to carrot cake so the Carrot Halwa Shortcrust Biscuit with Saffron Ice-cream is a solid choice although the shortcrust base wasn’t like the cheesecake base I was expecting, more like an actual biscuit.

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