Legend has it that the first Champagne coupe was shaped around Marie Antoinette’s breast, whether this is true or not we can neither confirm or deny, but what is true is that 34 Mayfair’s coupe is moulded around Kate Moss’ left breast. It was commissioned to celebrate her 40th birthday and 25 years in the fashion industry. As you do.

And throughout summer you’ll be able to make use of these coupe with their unlimited Champagne brunch or lunch. All you have to do is order a single glass of Champagne and then hey presto just like that you can enjoy complimentary top-ups of Champagne throughout your meal. 

34  really has the brunch thing sorted too, dishes include: grilled corn bread, avocado salsa, poached Burford Brown eggs, banoffee waffles and cream, buttermilk pancakes, smoked haddock with champ and fried duck egg with chorizo. Sounds like a pretty dreamy way to start the day and you know it’s probably as close as you’re ever going to get to Kate Moss.

Available Monday to Saturday until 5th September