We’ve all been known to spend a little too much on a night out, for some inexplicable reason, alcohol makes us think that we’re living on triple the budget that we actually are and we end up using our card at a nightclub – the biggest mistake one can make. To put our alcohol over-spending in perspective, the world’s most expensive whisky tasting will take place at this year’s Whisky Show (but don’t worry, it’s all for charity). Got a spare £6,000 anyone?

This year, The Whisky Show has 45 tickets available, probably the same amount of people who have a casual spare six grand lying around. All jokes aside, the proceeds from this event will be going to charities to support redevelopment after the 2015 Nepal earthquake, so this is one very good reason to endure a hangover.

Plus, the hefty price tag isn’t for nothing, as this truly is a once in a life time opportunity. Each guest will receive a limited edition bottle of Karuizawa 1983; with only 50 bottles having been made exclusively for this event. Premium Japanese whisky distiller Karuizawa boasts one of the world’s most sought after whisky collections and since the closure of the distillery in 2001, it has become one of the most treasured whisky brands. In fact, some of the rarer expressions now command upwards of £10,000 a bottle…so maybe six big ones isn’t so bad after all.

This is set to be a fantastic event, featuring some of the finest whisky known to man, as well as taking home a limited edition bottle that will taste extra sweet, as none of your other friends have it! The old saying goes, ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ and here at The Handbook, we reckon this is one pretty noble place to splash the cash.