When you find yourself on a Friday evening being scrubbed down, half naked by an attractive blonde lady, you know your evening has gone well. But this is nothing sordid I’m afraid, I have signed up for an Energising & Detoxifying Body Renewal treatment in the M Spa at M by Montcalm and am simply enjoying a good pampering.
M by Montcalm_NAARO-24For some reason there’s nothing more relaxing than being exfoliated by Himalayan Salt Crystals, perhaps my inner masochist is coming out as I found the scratchier, the better. After a hard day at the office, slaving away at my desk (in case you’re reading this boss) a soft, oily massage wouldn’t have done the trick. My tired skin appreciated the roughness to wake it up and get the blood flowing. The aforementioned salt crystals have ionising properties which are actually ideal for stress, exhaustion and cellulite. After the salt treatment section was completed, I had to pop next door to the en suite bathroom to rinse off before returning for the second half of the treatment where a leave on gel was massaged all over my body.
Montcalm HotelThe treatment aims to rid tension and increase energy in the body by stimulating circulation and eliminating toxins, this makes it a great pre-holiday treatment as it reduces cellulite and brightens skin. When I was showering off the salt crystals, I already noticed that my skin felt satin soft and my partner even commented the following day on my newly acquired extra silkiness. When the treatment was over I felt immediately relaxed and almost half-asleep, I begrudgingly removed myself from the massage bed when the treatment was over. This was easily one of the best beauty treatments I have participated in with both immediate and lasting results; my only gripe is that at 50 minutes it didn’t last longer.
640 05CM Spa is part of the M by Montcalm Hotel which welcomes guests and non-guests alike, when the treatment is over you are also welcome to enjoy something to eat and drink in their typically trendy, Tonic & Remedy restaurant at ground level.