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The Handbook

Supermodels and pastries are not a combination that springs to mind for most people. While the ‘supers’ might not be able to indulge in tasty baked goods too often, luckily for us, we can eat as many cakes as we want…until we regret it at our next gym class with Fitness Fiona.

In celebration of London Fashion Week, Jumeirah Carlton Tower has unveiled its much anticipated autumn éclair line. Located off Sloane Street, the epicentre of London’s chic design fashion houses, Chinoiserie has taken inspiration from the world’s leading fashion icons, to create four limited edition éclairs.

The first sweet sensation to hit the runway sees the perfect combination of ‘Dulce & Ganache’, a designer duo of velvety Vahlrona roasted white chocolate and dulcey pearls. Alternatively accessorise with a spritz of ‘Cocoa Chanel’, a timeless classic adorned with edible mini clutches, bows and creamy chocolate.

The incredible puns don’t stop there, with fashion icon ‘Jimmy Choux’ also making an appearance during London Fashion Week with a striking stiletto éclair. Bursting with a flurry of colour, this is a must-see as seasonal berries, exotic fruit and forest cream take centre stage. However, perhaps the best name to come out this witty gourmet collection is the ‘Cara Delecream,’ (someone give the marketing team a medal) named after a certain British socialite and model of the moment…don’t worry though, no eyebrows will be included.

These delectable éclairs are the perfect pre or post fashion show snack and are a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds. We may not be able to look like the models strutting down the catwalks, but at least we don’t have to eat like them…and can enjoy some scrumptious éclairs!