One member of The Handbook team has already decided that their new year’s resolution will be to celebrate every ‘national whatever day’ of the year and so far we’ve stumbled across days celebrating donuts, kissing and friendship in preparation for her mammoth task. We’ve now got one more to add to the list, with the launch of a marvellous Mushroom tasting menu at Plateau, in celebration of mushroom month!

The mushroom tasting menu will run throughout September as part of Plateau’s monthly changing ‘gourmand’ tasting menu series. It will include five courses as well as wine pairing options – try not to get so tipsy that you end up blasting ‘boom boom, shake the shroom!’ from your I-phone though. Dishes on offer will include crisp hen egg salad, fillet of Hereford beef and poached fillet of halibut, which really do sound like the shiitake!

 While the mains look super tasty, there’s not mushroom for competition when it comes to the star of the menu, the ‘Toadstool’ dessert. This delight is made up of a cep and dark chocolate mousse, with a caramelised white chocolate and thyme ganache on a bed of smoked chocolate and praline shavings. If that hasn’t got you drooling then we reckon you’re not much of a fungi.

If you have a craving for mushrooms and a liking of good food, then we think it’s time to head down to Plateau! Disclaimer: The Handbook takes no responsibility for any emotional distress caused by our terrible use of puns in this article.

The mushroom tasting menu at Plateau runs throughout September.