Whoever discovered that courgettes could be substituted for spaghetti, cauliflower for rice and cashews for cream has a lot to answer for. No longer associated with dreadlocked hippies, raw and vegan food is now hugely popular and even if you don’t need to eat this way for dietary purposes, many of us have enjoyed quinoa in our salads and kale in our smoothies to boost our green intake and dust off our imaginary halos.

Lorena Loriato, chef behind London’s hottest raw (oxymoron, much?!) cafés Nama and Tanya’s Chelsea, MightyBee and Transition Zone (Fulham’s hippest fitness studio), is hosting a supper-club together at the studio. With the motto ‘Train. Eat. Recover. Repeat’ it’s no surprise that a raw foodie evening would appeal to them. The evening will begin with a coconut-infused cocktail and healthy nibbles before the main event; a 3 course inspired Thai-fusion menu created especially for the event. Dishes promise to be colourful and nutrient-dense; think superfood Asian salads, and energising, chlorophyll-rich dumpling parcels.

Following the feast is the chance to test your knowledge of all things healthy with a Q&A focused on the extensive health benefits of coconut – many of the healthiest populations in the world consume most of their calories from coconut.

October Supper Club will be taking place on Friday 9th October 6.15pm – 8.45pm


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