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The Handbook

Do you consider a morning on the underground in rush-hour an epic odyssey? Is going without WiFi for four hours on a cross country train something you consider a life and death matter? Well, if we’re honest, you’re not alone. However, it’s time for us great big pansies to learn what real adventure is, by going along to an evening with the risk-taking (read: insane) Turner Twins, at Mr Foggs.

As part of Mr Fogg’s explorers’ series, the Mayfair bar will welcome Hugo and Ross Turner, the twins who have dedicated their lives enduring physically and mentally challenging expeditions around the world. Guests can look forward to an evening of enchanting tales from the twins’ adventures including rowing across the Atlantic, trekking through Greenland and their latest quest of climbing Mount Elbrus. This kind of stuff makes that camping trip with Aunt Mildred look positively luxurious.

Listening to these fascinating stories is the perfect way to feel like you’re actually a part of these wild adventures, without actually having to leave the cosy interior of Mr Fogg’s, which sounds pretty ideal to us. Once the twins have finished talking about peeing inside the skin of an armadillo and then drinking it again, or whatever it is these mad Bear Grylls types do, you’ll have the chance to ask them whatever you like in a 40 minute Q&A that will take place right after their talk.

Questions can include learning more about their work for the charity Spinal Research, which funds vital research into finding effective treatments to reversing paralysis. Their charity of choice was inspired by an accident Hugo was involved in, which left him with a broken neck aged just 17. Hugo has clearly gone on to fully recover and is now trekking across the world’s harshest climates to raise money for charity. So, if you feel as lazy and under-achieving as we do after reading that, it might be an idea to pop down to An Evening With The Turner Twins and get some inspiration!

The Turner Twins at Mr Fogg’s will take place on Monday, 14th September at 7:30pm.