British Museum of Food by Bompas & Parr

By Fran Hazell |
21st October 2015

If the Mad Hatter opened a museum then this would be the outcome. Culinary curators Bompas & Parr have already delighted Londoners with their breathable alcoholic experience and Buckingham Palace made of jelly, and now they are bringing their trademark quirky theatrics to the civilised bounds of Borough Market. 

Nothing they do is really just for fun (although of course it is fun), there is always some kind of underlying motive or curiosity, their latest venture being no exception. The British Museum of Food will be the world’s first devoted to all things food; history, evolution, science, sociology and art. Although food is fun, the intentions for the museum are no laughing matter. After its 3 month residency in Borough Market the museum will seek a more permanent home, from where it can continue to educate visitors and become a valuable resource for some of the worlds biggest companies including Diageo and Facebook into health, nutrition and eating habits. All sounds surprisingly serious but you can expect some spectacles amongst the deep thinking, including a ‘sonic wonderland focused on chocolate’ comparing taste with sound, and a display from The British Menu Archive, making you reconsider the usually overlooked art of the menu. Food for thought indeed.

British Museum of Food at Borough Market runs for 3 months from the 23rd October

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