The Handbook
The Handbook

We can almost hear the jingle bells softly ringing in the distance as the sound of the Christmas season approaches and with it we can expect plenty of minces pies, Santa’s smiling face and of course, Christmas parties. The parties will all no doubt featuring heavily on alcohol and some on food but what they won’t have is acrobats hanging from the ceiling, unless you booked at Ivory Vaults that is.

The 10,000 sq ft historic venue is proud of their interactive shows offering a different experience from the norm where guests get to participate by dressing up, singing and dancing. If you’re expecting to just make polite chit chat over dinner then think again as you will need to have your wits about when the knights get out their swords and proceed to duel during the Medieval Show which includes over two hours of entertainment. Other events to keep you captivated include the glamorous aerial acrobat and contortionist, jugglers and hand balancers – don’t worry, you won’t need participate in that, leave it to the professionals.

Whilst you are watching the performers work hard you will be able to feast, banquet style, with food options like Turkey roulade with turkey bacon, turkey sausages, savoy cabbage and cranberries or Stuffed aubergine timbale with smoked tofu, steamed rice, crispy tempura and miso vinaigrette . Puddings will include dishes like Warm apple crumble pie with walnuts and Cointreau Chantilly plus of course mince pies to keep things festive.

The venue has a capacity of 450 people but if you don’t have enough people (or the budget) to hire out the whole venue then don’t fret as the vaults are divided into separate bays which still offer an element of privacy.

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