HKK Launches Duck & Champagne Lunch

By Charlotte Knight |
19th October 2015

The Hakkasan Group has forever improved our weekends by announcing the launch of their Duck and Champagne lunch at HKK. Ducks – the underrated birds – have given us many things over the years from entertainment on country walks to influential characters (i.e. Scrooge McDuck) and now they’re serving another more delicious purpose.

A whole menu will be dedicated to the Peking duck, created by Hakkasan and HKK’s Executive Head Chef Tong Chee Hwee, with dishes like Duck and abalone supreme stock with egg fried rice showcasing the skill and expertise of the Chinese kitchen. If you want to go the whole hog then you can go for the whole Cherry wood roasted Peking duck served first with steamed black truffle mantou and Imperial caviar, and then secondly with sesame pancakes.

Louis Roederer Champagne will flow throughout the 4 course meal which culminates with the dessert of Nashi pear and Champagne mousse with cotton candy – you’d be quackers to miss it!

The lunch is available each Saturday at HKK in the City.

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