Afternoon tea brings with it certain etiquette. According to Debrett’s, tea should be poured first, with milk only ever added afterwards; the spoon should be placed on the saucer once stirred; never slurp and never hold your pinkie in the air. This is all good and well but standards may slip a little when chicken restaurant Ma’Plucker bring their afternoon tea to town; finger licking will be involved.

A nice change from the abundance of formal afternoon teas across the city, Soho are welcoming Ma’Plucker to the very aptly named Beak Street. Boozy iced teas will wash down your chicken feast, consisting of mini burgers 3 ways; fried ‘n’ crispy, slow cooked ‘n’ pulled or a rotisserie chicken breast in a house bun or on a maple waffle. And, because it’s afternoon tea, and no afternoon tea is complete without a little something sweet, Ma’Pluckers are laying on a chocolate and cornflake scotch egg, cherry pie and the intriguingly named ‘cakes on a stick’ – a trio of raspberry cake, marshmallow and rice crispy cake. 

Ma’Pluckers Afternoon Tea is available on Monday to Friday from 3.00pm – 6.00pm and on weekends from midday – 6.00pm at 75 Beak Street, Soho, W1F 2SS