Spectre Premiere and Lunch at Gaucho

By Fran Hazell |
23rd October 2015

Steak favourites Gaucho are kickstarting their new premiere season with the slickest man on the silver screen. Bond is returning full-force when Spectre is released nationwide on 26th October and what better environment to gasp at his bravery/heroism/good looks (delete as applicable) than Gauchos slick monochromatic restaurant at the O2. 

A Belvedere Vesper Martini masterclass will start the day before a two-course meal with Argentine starters and, yep, no surprises here, steak. Opulent white leather seating, sparkly glass chandeliers and glossy black tables provide the perfect setting for suave secret agents and glamorous Bond girls. OK we can dream on but we think it’s certainly the type of place Bond would dine, temporarily swapping his Glock for a steak knife. After the meal, guests will move to the private cinema to enjoy Spectre for the first time. Gaucho’s film premieres will continue but this one sounds pretty hard to beat. 007, welcome to the O2.

Gaucho Premieres: Spectre is on Saturday 31st October, 12pm onwards at Gaucho O2, Peninsula Square, SE10 0DX


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