The Jam Tree Chelsea review – what we thought

By Charlotte Knight |
13th October 2015

Lining your stomach before dinner with a cocktail that contains double cream may not seem like the smartest idea (because it isn’t) but I still stand by it. When I saw that the Jammy Dodger contained the rarely found ingredient Butterscotch schnapps I was sold, joined by Frangelico and Chambord, double cream and raspberry jam it was one of the best cocktails I’ve had and it was devoured easily. Although the Jam Tree Chelsea does have classic cocktails, much more fun is to be found with their signature cocktails which contain ingredients like peanut butter, Nutella, popping candy and strawberry jam – not all in one drink mind.
Loft bar 2One drink down and plenty more on the horizon, it was time to have a look at the food. Simply titled ‘pea & mint hummus’ I wasn’t sure what to expect from my starter, would I just get a spoonful of mushed peas? But no, a healthy portion arrived with sliced pittas that were warm to the touch. The hummus was fresh and made for a nice light bite to begin with. The hot wings had a gentle spice to them but if you are really after HOT wings, you may have felt disappointed.
HumousThe pressed lamb shoulder bun with crispy slaw and chips definitely hit the spot and along with the cocktails we were beginning to get full up. Speaking of being filled up, the venue was speedily attracting post work punters who seemed to head straight for the beer garden. In fact it wasn’t until much later, and partly to do with people having to come inside to the bar to order, that the inside of the venue started to get packed. Also much amusement was to be found watching people stagger over the door frame to the garden; my trip count was at 4 by the end of the meal. The only vegetarian option for mains was the halloumi, grelot onion & giant couscous salad which was nice enough, who can be displeased with halloumi?
Untitled-1We were too full by this point to divulge in a dessert so went for, yet another, cocktail in the shape of Tropic Thunder (Koko Kanu, Midori and Banana liqueurs, pineapple juice and pineapple jam) which gave us a little flash of Ibiza in Chelsea. The drinks menu is the real focal point of the venue and an obviously already popular location amongst the locals. While the food is enjoyable, the interior of the pub is casual so it’s not the place you would head to if you’re in the mood for a fancy dinner but it’s perfect for post-work drinks, dates and a good night out.

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