7 Days of American Whiskey at Gaucho

By a woman smiling holding a drink in black and white Emily Gray |
2nd November 2015

You’ve probably seen the Jack Daniel’s adverts in the tube telling us about Jack, they’re pretty hard to miss, but did you know that Jack sold meat and whiskey from a wagon to fund his first distillery? And did you know that meat and whisky go together like fish and chips, salt and pepper and Ant and Dec? Well Gaucho certainly thinks they do (and so do we, if you’re asking) which is why this week they are hosting a seven day celebration of American whiskey in their restaurants.

Starting today there will be events across their London restaurants all designed to show off just how well whisky goes with meat. Gaucho in Broadgate will be hosting an Old Fashioned Dinner with Woodford Reserve on the 5th November and the Chancery restaurant will be pitching bourbon against rye with Bulleit. On the 3rd November Cam Dawson a brand ambassador for Jack Daniel’s will join Gaucho’s master griller Fernando Larroude to showcase the best examples of Tennessee Whiskey with four classic cuts of Argentine beef at Gaucho Smithfield’s whiskey and beef masterclass.

There are seven events across the week, so you don’t really have an excuse not to go, unless you’re a teetotal/vegetarian, then we’d understand.


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