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The Handbook

I’m not ashamed to admit that I love pizza as much as Joey does from Friends. If you’re not a Friends fan, that’s a hell of a lot (and who are you?). I never get bored of it and always fancy it. That’s true love right there isn’t it?  So it was good then that I was asked to go along to NY Fold. Run by Bruno DiFabio, who currently has six world pizza championship titles and ten outstanding pizzerias under his belt, NY Fold is a fusion of his Italian and American roots.

 As I walked through the door, leaving the hustle and bustle of Charing Cross Road behind me, I was slapped round the face with the delicious smell of pizza. It smelt like I had walked in to the ever-popular pizza chain ending in ‘Hut’ and I thought maybe I had when I clocked the refillable soft drink station.  It was industrial, minimalistic and well…. yellow. It reminded me of a work canteen. The music was so loud I could barely hear myself think and I felt sad that I must be getting old to even have that thought in my head. I sat in the booth at the back and relaxed as I sipped my wine and had a good look around. The music was thankfully growing on me. There was a real mix of people, from larger groups sharing pizzas, or should I say ‘pies’ and pitchers of beer, to people on their own grabbing a quick slice of pizza before discreetly slipping back into their Friday night.

NY Fold 2

 I studied the menu. I had lots of questions. How many slices for one person? They recommended 1-2. Can you have two slices of different pizza? Yes. Is the 16-inch pie really for four people or could two hungry people manage it? Umm. Questionable. Do they do stuffed crust? No. Can you add and change toppings? Yes. The pizza combinations were definitely the most creative and ‘gourmet’ I’d ever seen, even compared to Italy.  As one slice of pizza was so cheap at £3.50 we thought we’d go for two each. We ditched the knife and folk and folded it, feeling more at ease by doing so. I can’t explain how delicious they were. The combination of flavours worked so well and the toppings were so fresh. I later discovered that they use 60-day aged mozzarella which is harvested daily from an award-winning farm in Caserta. And the dough, well I know why they don’t let anyone in to that secret. It was thick and crunchy but not overpoweringly stodgy. The only issue I had was finishing both of the huge slices. Luckily takeaway boxes were seen at most tables and I was already looking forward to my cold pizza breakfast.

NY Fold 3

 As a friendly and family run business you can see how dedicated NY Fold is at bringing this delicious style of pizza to the streets of London. Being a passionate pizza fan I could see how committed they were in producing high quality, authentic pizzas at a really reasonable price. The relaxed and informal atmosphere means its great with friends but also great on your own.  Whether you stumble upon it and stay for ten minutes or make a beeline for it and stay all evening, start spreading the news about this place.