The Handbook
The Handbook

This might come as a controversy but rumour has it that the elves aren’t happy with Father Christmas. Every year he gets all the credit for bringing the presents, he’s the one on Christmas cards and in story books – but who are the real heroes here? The elves, the ones actually making the presents. They’re kept as slaves and forced to work all year and then Santa revels in the praise. Hardly fair is it? Well, done with a life of slavery, some of the elves have escaped the North Pole and found themselves in…Brixton.

On a purpose built rooftop they’ve created the South Pole Saloon and along with their buddies The Snowman and The Sugar Plum Fairy they will be hosting all the rebels for a Christmas party like no other. Open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from the 20th November until the 23rd December, the South Pole Saloon will be part cocktail bar, part immersive theatre experience.  

Cocktails will include Hot Tennessee Toddy’s and Monkey Shoulder Apple Macs whilst sharing cocktails will be served in smoking barrels. Brooklyn Brewery will be providing beers including the new Brooklyn American Ale.  Food will come from the likes of Dip & Flip, The Crust Conductors, Butchies and The Pastry Girls will have a candy stall.

They’ll be private booths: The Candy Parlour, Rebel’s Den and Snowman’s Land which will seat up to 10,  guests will be able to enjoy table service so they can really enjoy the performances on stage, as each evening, the rebel elves and snowmen will tell the tale of the treacherous escape from the evil claws of Father Christmas.

The South Pole Saloon is open Thursday – Saturday from the 20th November until the 23rd December