Red Dog Saloon Review – What We Thought

By a woman smiling holding a drink in black and white Emily Gray |
21st December 2015

Red Dog Saloon the American BBQ restaurant has recently moved into Berwick Street, their third London site and having heard various reports of great burgers and good milkshakes we decided to see for ourselves.  

Stepping inside you’ll find dark wooden panelled walls covered in black and white photos of American outlaws and cowboys and skulls of cattle. It’s relaxed and informal and for the size of the restaurant they were able to fit a lot of tables in – good for getting lots of covers in and not having to queue, bad for the size of the tables which were on the small side and meant that the box of sauces and the napkins which took up half of the table ended up on the floor.

We started with mozzarella sticks, they arrived alone in a red plastic basket (you know the sort you see in American diners) that was too big for the four sticks. They just looked rather limp, rather like they had just been chucked in there, that said they were deliciously gooey and despite being deep fried, not hideously greasy.

The menu is filled with the likes of brisket and pulled pork but having heard good things about the burgers and not being able to resist them with names such as The Punisher and The Dark Knight, we chose these instead.  The Punisher was a melt in your mouth 6oz patty with 16 hour pulled pork, smoked bacon and American cheese, full of flavour, the sort of burger to just really get stuck into. For a BBQ restaurant, it was up there with one of the best burgers I had had.

For those looking for something to raise their cholesterol and make them question their choices then you need to go for The Big Red: a towering 4 patties, Applewood smoked bacon and American cheese. The fact that my friend polished it off was one impressive and two testament to the fact that he loved it so much, he also had an audience with people coming up to him asking what he had ordered so that they could do the same.

The sides (yes despite four patties there were sides) were a little disappointing, going with the quantity over quality, the fries whilst a big portion were just a little average. The onion rings were tough and didn’t have crispy batter, more of a limp dusting and mac n cheese whilst good was the sort of fake, very orange, cheese.  My advice? Skip the sides, stick to the burgers and save room for a milkshake because they were incredible. The peanut butter and banana milkshake arrived ice cold in what could have been a silver bucket, thick, deliciously creamy and sweet – it was everything you look for in a milkshake.

Would I go back? Yes I would.  Take a bunch of friends, over order, get a round of the cocktails in, (which sadly we didn’t try but are meant to be epic) and leave feeling full and happy – what more could you ask for?


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