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The Handbook

How was your weekend? Make it to the gym or your class that you said you’d definitely attend? No? Nor did we… If you need a little motivation this weekend then how does brunch at Bluebird sound?

Of course you’ll need to do some exercise first, it’s not just pure eating – but it is fun, we promise. Bootcamp Pilates have joined forces with The Sports Edit to host a special one off MOTR Body Blitz class at Chelsea favourite, Bluebird. Taking place this Saturday (16th January) the class will use the MOTR machines and work on your cardio, balance, agility, core, upper and lower body using a range of eight different positions to get you toned up!

Afterwards there’ll be a chance to see a selection of The Sports Edit’s premium sportswear (because if nothing else it’s important to have good gym wear…)  and everyone gets a goody bag. There’ll be food too with Bluebird serving up brunch to fuel the rest of your day with dishes including granola and avocado and eggs.

So forget slogging it in at the gym, work out at Bluebird. 

If you want tickets be quick and head to: