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By | 26th January 2016

Crème Eggs are arguably the best thing about Easter. It’s a fact that not many people dispute, and, despite recent controversy surrounding their new recipe, we’re all more than happy to hear of their return for 2016. The issue, however, lies with their seasonality. Both a blessing and a curse, part of the reason the excitement surrounding Crème Eggs is that they’re only available for a short window… but knowing this doesn’t make their departure any easier.

Because of this we have to make the most of their being around… and boy have we found just the way to do that! Forget buying a pack of 4 from the nearest supermarket and eating them alone in your room, it’s time to visit the new Crème Egg Café!

This cracking new establishment is open for a limited time only with a 4-item menu; Crème Egg Toastie, Crème Egg Tray Bake, Crème Egg & Soliders and Strawberries & Crème Egg. Each dish costs just £4 and comes with a cup of tea/coffee. 
As if this isn’t egg-citing enough as it is, there will be an interactive ball pool in which you can truly unleash your inner child as you ride out the inevitable sugar rush that comes with gorging on pure sugar and chocolate. You’ll have to scramble to get there in time though, as its only open for the next 6 weeks and closes on 6th March! 

Do you think this idea is an eggcelent as it seems, or is the whole thing one big yolk? We’re not entirely sure just yet, but as they say; you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

Open Friday – Sunday, walk in places available each day. 

Crème Egg Cafe: 26 Greek Street, Soho, W1D 5DE,  more info here