Nadler Victoria Review – What We Thought

By a woman smiling holding a drink in black and white Emily Gray |
28th January 2016

This year is set to be Victoria’s year; no longer will it just be synonymous with Wicked and the station and no longer will it be that area that you tend to just pass through on your way to somewhere else. Why? Because later this year Nova will open. Said to be Europe’s largest square, it’ll provide luxury residential apartments (at prices rumoured to rival and exceed One Hyde Park) and 18 restaurants including offerings from Jason Atherton and D&D London. M Restaurants have already opened their second restaurant in Victoria and Robert Nadler has opened his third hotel just a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace.

And it’s this hotel that we visited one weekend in London. The ethos behind the Nadler hotels is that they do away with facilities in hotels that they think are underused, the gym, the bar, the restaurant and instead focus on immersing itself in the local community, supporting restaurants and gyms in the area and at the same time keeping costs lower for their rooms.

You can still buy bottles of wine and breakfast but the mark up is minimal unlike the usual eye watering mini bar prices. Instead they want you to order from the likes of Deliveroo, they want you to stock up your fridges and make use of their mini kitchen areas. On arrival you’ll be given a discount card to give you great rates at local restaurants, shops, the theatre and landmarks such as Westminster Cathedral and Guards Museum. Two weeks before you arrive they’ll send you a letter to see if there is anything you’d like to be in your room when you arrive, so if you know you can’t get through the morning without a green juice they’ll have them there waiting for you. All the team are trained as concierge so if you need an itinerary written up or you just want to know where the best place to go is then you can ask anyone – they were so lovely and more than happy to help with anything.


They’re also concerned in being green, not that you’d notice it’s small subtle efforts – Brita filter water taps so you don’t have to buy lots of bottles, lamps instead of spotlights so you can control the amount of light without being forced to have all the lights on and no washing up liquid in the kitchen. You can of course ask for it, but it’s more efficient for them to clean all the plates instead of all the guests individually washing their own.

The rooms are minimal in design; cream, black and gold tones with decadent, luxurious faux fur throws and with some illustrations of palaces from around the world. Home comforts include Nespresso machines, GHD hairdryers, floor length mirrors on both sides of the wardrobe door so you can see the back of your hair/outfit (clever, eh) and sofa beds so that children have a proper bed to stay in. The beds, as well, are wonderful – for starters they’re huge, there is space underneath them for storage and so much space on top that the two of you can pretty much starfish at the same time – which surely is every relationship/bed goal? In fact they are so popular that they sell them on their website. We certainly had the best night sleep we had had in a long time.



Each room has free Wi-Fi and half an hour free calls and although they are about to launch Google Chromecast in the rooms, the technology was the only thing that had us a bit lost. Rather than having all the Wi-Fi passwords and general details in a book as hotels normally do, it was all on the television; great if it works, but not when it doesn’t. For two technically savvy people we still had trouble getting it to work, it also means that if you want to find anything out whilst watching television you have to stop watching to view it.

That said, if you’re done with the pomp of some of the larger hotels, you want to feel more in charge of your stay or you are just here on business but want something more than the usual business hotels, then the Nadler Hotels are worth checking out. I like the Nadler style of hotels, I like their outlook and I love their beds and, with a fourth set to open, it seems so do others.

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