TeaTox at The Strand Palace Hotel

6th January 2016

Detox, Detox, Detox, it seems we can’t escape the word now 2016 has graced us with it’s presence. Whilst we are making conscious little changes in our daily routines to be healthier, our tolerance levels are low when it comes to hearing everyone moaning/bragging (delete as appropriate) about their healthy starts and just how many scoops of spirulina they put in their protein shake post 6am workout.

If you’re like us and you don’t want healthiness to interrupt day to day life too much then you’ll be pleased to hear that The Strand Palace Hotel don’t want you to miss out either. Over 100 years of afternoon teas have made them somewhat of an institution on the tea scene and they are moving with the times… The times that currently consist of everything ‘superfood’. Their TeaTox is being served daily throughout January in their Lounge Bar, alongside their regular afternoon teas. Potato farls with blackcurrant jam replace the less-forgiving scone and poached salmon sandwiches mean you won’t be missing out completely! Skewers of blackberries and strawberries are drizzled in honey to give you your sweet fix and a kale and lemon smoothie for an extra nutrient boost. Herbal infusions and artisan loose leaf teas complete the whole affair and as a little reward for being so healthy (resisting the clotted cream is worthy of recognition) each guest will receive a hot towel and a luxurious pot of Thierry Mugler hand cream when they leave.

TeaTox Afternoon Tea, available throughout January at The Strand Palace Hotel, 372 Strand, WC2R 0JJ


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