Chocolate Feast with The Masters

By Fran Hazell |
25th February 2016

A favourite for packaging lovers, the graphic printed packs of Mast Brothers stand out a mile compared to the sea of shiny purple chocolate wrappers – fitting to the artisanal qualities of the chocolate itself. Originally from Brooklyn, the Mast Brothers now have a very fitting home in the heart of Shoreditch, providing chocolate to moustached fixie owners, made by bearded fixie owners (OK, we’re not sure about the fixie-owning part but they are definitely bearded).

Chef Tom Hunt is kicking off a series of ‘Meet the Producer’ events, taking place bi-monthly at his restaurant Poco. The Broadway Market British tapas restaurant is already a favourite amongst foodies, so it’s no wonder that he is keen to feature the chocolate in a special menu. The chocolate feast includes a menu devised by Tom and the head chocolate maker from their Shoreditch factory; cacao beer braised venison and olive oil chocolate cake make the cut. In addition to the meal, guests will learn about Tom’s ‘root to fruit’ methods in the kitchen. Keep an eye out for future events – coming up is a night of fish as well as a night of wine.

Mast Brothers Chocolate Feast on Monday 14th March kicks off the ‘Meet the Producer’ series at Poco, Broadway Market


Image: Neil White

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