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The Handbook

Gluten-Free Cookery Masterclasses

If any of you saw the recent Channel 4 Supershoppers programme, you will have seen it name and shame brands for (amongst other things) claiming gluten-free credentials but that actually never included gluten anyway – it’s basically like sticking a ‘gluten-free’ sticker on a banana and charging twice the price. Heading to this mind-boggling aisle in the supermarket may make you feel healthy but if you really just want to know what’s in your food without the distracting packaging, why not just make it yourself?

The next issue is the mound of Deliciously/Wonderfully/Honestly gluten-free recipe books and millions of Google search results. Stop. Keep things simple for yourself and head to a masterclass. Ingredients are there ready and waiting for you and a pro is at your beck and call. Blogger and author of Soulflavours, Stephanie Seege is hosting a series of masterclasses at Cantina del Ponte, and kicking things off? Our favourite topic; cakes.

Being on-trend is great, but Stephanie is more about teaching lifelong skills. Encouraging children, parents and grandparents with the theme ‘Three Generations’, the classes begin at 9am with a gluten-free lunch (food produced in class) provided. Carrot cake, vegan cheese cake, apple pie and black bean brownies are on the programme for week one, followed by pasta, bread and scones and pizza masterclasses. An electronic guide given at the end means these newfound skills can be perfected at home, so no more mind-boggling hours wasted in the free-from aisles, you’ll be a dab-hand.

Classes held on 27th February, 6th March, 2nd April and 7th May at Cantina del Ponte