Homemade Children’s Food Delivered To Your Door

By a woman smiling holding a drink in black and white Emily Gray |
9th February 2016

Although we can’t prove it, we’re no scientists of course, we’re pretty sure that London runs on a different time scale to the rest of the country. Everything is so much more fast-paced, everyone is always on the move, we’ll quite happily sit on the tube for an hour on a Tuesday to meet a friend for a drink in the depths of zone five – would we sit in a car for an hour if we didn’t live in London to do the same thing? Unlikely. And with all these things to do and all this bustling about it leaves us, well, with a lot less time than we thought, lucky that we know a few life hacks then. 

And the latest one we have found is perfect for busy London parents: Piccolo Plates. Set up by Bella and Eleanor, these two are on a mission to feed children with homemade nutritious meals, which luckily you can get delivered right to your door and delivery is free! So that even on the busiest day when you feel like you don’t have a moment to stop, let alone cook, you don’t have to resort to an additive filled, artificial ready meal. Instead you can feed them cottage pie, salmon goujons and butternut squash, pea and lentil stew. All the ingredients are listed on the website so you know exactly what you’re feeding your little ones and they can be frozen which means you can stock up. We also won’t tell if you pass it off to your friends as your own cooking, ‘What this? Oh I just whipped it up earlier.’ Of course you did. 

Piccolo Plates cost £5 per dish (each one serves two) and deliveries are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and you can choose a hour-slot for delivery. 


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