The Handbook
By Emily Gray | 15th February 2016

Whilst we are all fans of fast cars, yearn for the latest bags and dream of having a wardrobe to rival Kendall Jenner when it comes down to it, the real riches in life are health, friends and time. Look at us getting all philosophical on a Monday morning.

It just so happens that the team over at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, the luxury wellbeing spa at the Metropolitan by COMO, London has just announced their Time Well Spent series of workshops which will run across 2016.

Each day will revolve around inspiring seminars from a host of experts addressing physical and emotional wellbeing issues and you’ll leave feeling a little more renewed and with a plan to develop and continue your wellbeing journey.

The first session takes place on Saturday 27th February and will included five seminars from the likes of Intuitive counsellor Susan King who’ll be discussing emotional healing; nutritionist Karen Cummings-Palmer who will be talking about fuelling, strengthening and energising our bodies and skincare expert Perricone MD who will speak about healthy ageing and achieving beautiful skin.

They’ll be lunch too from the COMO Shambhala cuisine menu, it’s a well thought out nutritious menu developed to mix raw and cooked ingredients to boost energy and balance blood-sugar levels whilst retaining living enzymes in all the preparation methods.

It might not involve box sets and brunch but it certainly sounds like a Sunday well spent to us!

This event will take place on Saturday 27th February 2016. Prices are from £199 per guest for all day workshop attendance, or from £345 for those wishing to add a luxurious overnight stay including COMO Shambhala breakfast. 

To make an enquiry or booking contact: or 020 7447 5750