Drive-in Film Club

6th April 2016

Remember those old-school, American movies where people go on dates to drive-in film showings? Think Grease-meets-The Flintstones; a field of vintage cars, retro popcorn and one giant screen. And it’s not in California, it’s happening right here in London. What we’re saying is that your childhood film fantasy has now become a reality. Alexandra Palace has opened its grounds to screen your favourite movie classics on an awesome 40-foot screen. Pulp Fiction, Star Wars: Force Awakens, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Notebook… they’re all here. But the best (and most authentic) of all: Grease sing-a-long

There may not be a drive-thru Maccy D’s available for fries and shakes but with the blip of your hazard lights, all-American-style roller-blading staff will deliver popcorn, candy and hot dogs from the gourmets at Popdogs straight to your car door. Simply rock up in your car of choice – be it a club classic, Chelsea tractor, or rusty go-kart – just make sure you have a working radio so you can tune in to the soundtrack. It’s a set price per vehicle regardless of its occupancy, so we suggest filling as many seats as possible to maximise cost-efficiency. Let the fight for shotgun begin.

Experience Cinema drive-through at Alexandra Palace. Until the end of April – see website for details.

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