London Coffee Night is Coming

By Victoria Bushnell |
12th April 2016

Ever wanted to learn how to make top-class latte art, mix the classiest caffeine-fuelled cocktail, or meet one of London’s hippest graffiti artists, whilst sipping on the best coffee the city has to offer? If so, listen up. On Thursday 14th April, London Coffee Night is coming to the coolest caffeine-fuelled venues across Soho and the West End, as part of UK Coffee Week. The event offers an array of events including latte art masterclasses at Kaffeine, killer coffee cocktail combos featuring Negroni and Mezcal pairings at Soho Bikes and Wahaca, and an exclusive after-party hosted by Timberyard to burn up that caffeine high – it’s all part of the daily grind, right?

Thinking ‘bean there, done that’? London Coffee Night is not just a celebration of coffee. We all want to have fun and do good. Getting back to basics, coffee consists of two ingredients: ground, roasted coffee beans and water. It is a sad fact that we still buy and consume coffee beans from parts of the world where clean, safe drinking water is not a guarantee. But this is slowly changing, with the help of Project Waterfall, which helps to deliver this precious resource to coffee-growing communities in Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia. All profits from London Coffee Night go directly to this super cause whilst giving Londoners the chance to hone their caffeine knowledge and have a buzzing-good time. So coffee-up and get booking!

London Coffee Night, Thursday 14th April at various venues

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