Out with the Coffee, in with the Tea

4th April 2016

Fancy a cuppa? Good, because it’s finally tea’s time to shine and we know just the place for you to get your hands on the perfect brew. London’s coffee scene has exploded in recent years, but a tea revolution is taking place; it’s time we started to treat the nation’s favourite drink appropriately. And with over 165 million cups of tea being consumed in the UK every day, it’s crazy how tea only comes into its own with scones and finger sandwiches.

Meet Emilie Holmes; entrepreneur, tea connoisseur and founder of Good and Proper Tea. Fed up of being unable to get a good cuppa on-the-go, Holmes set up a crowd-funding project to fund a mobile brew bar, travelling from festival to festival in her old Citroen van, armed with loose leaves and crumpets. Unsurprisingly, the people she met on the way were just as passionate about her project as she was and, two crowd-funding projects later, we have our second permanent site, opening on Leather Lane on the 7th April.

Good and Proper Tea brew each tea (without blending) in super sleek Steampunk brewing systems to maximise each tea’s unique flavour. Say goodbye to sad, soggy, tasteless cuppas and hello to the fresh and fragrant teas of the world. And what better to go with tea than a good old-fashioned, homemade crumpet? It’s time for a London Tea Party, and this time we are all staying thoroughly on board.

Good and Proper Tea opens Thursday 7th April on Leather Lane


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