Django Bango Brings The Gold Rush

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Rory Hinton by | Posted on 15th June 2016
Django Bango Brings The Gold Rush

It’s no secret that living in London can be tough. Prices are high and by the time you’ve paid for your month’s rent and weekly food shops the money pot is looking a little empty. A night of drinks with your friends becomes a major investment and there’s little more upsetting than watching what’s left of your bank balance going on public transport costs. Fear not though, Londoners, as we’ve found a place where wealth and gold lie in abundance.

Hidden down a cobbled street in a South-West London secret location lies the entrance to Django Bango, a portal to the 1849 gold rush and a venue full of great food, live music and, of course, hunting for gold.

It’s not just the theme that’s unique. Django Bango will be serving up a range of unique snacks such as deep fried crocodile and barbecue muffnuts (that’s a combination of a muffin and a doughnut filled with pulled pork, cheese and coleslaw, for those not in the know. Don’t worry, we weren’t either)!

As if the live music and interesting foods weren’t entertainment enough, Django Bango will be adding to their authenticity with a train running the length of the venue. Sure, it’s a miniature train (of course), but the combustion noises, whistles and steam will be adding to the atmosphere and guests will be fully immersed in a time of prospectors and dungarees. Beat the rush and get tickets online – it starts this Friday.

Django Bango runs Friday 17th June – Saturday 1st October


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