How to Have Tea with the Queen

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Emily Gray by | Posted on 13th June 2016
How to Have Tea with the Queen

Chances are we won’t ever be having tea with the Queen, but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare just in case the occasion somehow arises… probably best if you do the same too.  

The Fans of London campaign (launched by Hilton, British Airways and London & Partners) to create a series of series of London experiences for super-fans based around four themes – Royal, music, Harry Potter and Shakespeare and they’ve joined with Conrad St James to host etiquette lessons so that we all know how to behave when that day comes and we have tea with the Royal Family.

During the lessons you’ll be taught everything you need to know from how to pronounce scone (it rhymes with gone if you were wondering) and what to wear, to how hold a tea cup (never with your little finger sticking out – it’s very twee) and how to use a napkin properly.

Once you’re been taught you can then put everything you’ve learnt into practice with afternoon tea – unfortunately we can’t guarantee Prince Harry will be there too.

Available until July 1 2016, the Royal Etiquette classes followed by Afternoon Tea can be booked direct by contacting Conrad London St. James on or 020 3301 1400.

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