The Handbook
The Handbook

Ever wonder who the Joneses really are, and why people are trying to keep up with them? Look no further than Meredith Collective’s latest pop-up launching on July 7th, where you are invited to come and explore first-hand the fantastical way the other half lives.

Actors will play the role of the Jones family, while audiences become a part of their world. This delightful foodie adventure will begin in Mrs. Jones’s stylish new kitchen (which she has just had refurbished don’t you know?) and leads guests on a journey featuring wonderfully creations from Mrs. Jones’s secret recipe book, such as edible vodka toothpaste, detergent bottles filled with cocktails, gin and tonic marshmallows and macaroon dishwasher tablets.

Each area of the eight-room residence reveals a new whimsical delight for guests to explore, including a giant dishwasher room for guests to get inside, a washing powder snow-storm, a Bang & Olufsen sound-lounge, a feather-filled pillow fight space, her fabulous disco launderette and a beautiful Zen garden complete with 6th Sense meditation zones.

The question is, will you be able to keep up with them? 

Keeping Up With the Joneses will be taking place 7th -1oth July 2016