During a stay at a five star hotel it goes without saying that you can get pretty much anything you want/need/desire with a single call to reception. Fresh towels? Absolutely. Breakfast in bed? Easy. But as your requests appear in your room you barely give a thought to the people behind the scenes who have made it happen. We’re not talking about the staff who wash the towels, we’re talking about the farmer who grew the spinach in your green juice and the fisherman who caught your salmon.

Sanderson have a new Origins Package which gives producers and farmers the credit they deserve. Produce on the menu has been specially selected from local markets by the Executive Chef – meat comes from family-run Gordon Meats in Smithfield Market and fish is freshly sourced from Chamberlain and Thelwell in Old Billingsgate Market. Not only can guests see the origins of their food on the menu, they also get the opportunity to meet them first hand with early morning trips to Billingsgate and Smithfields. If an early morning wake-up call isn’t your idea of luxury don’t worry – Sanderson haven’t forgotten about their five-star credentials. After being greeted with hot drinks and pastries you will be chauffeured to the markets and accompanied by Executive Chef, Matthew Marshall to learn all about the history of the markets and the preparation of the produce as well as choosing some of your own ingredients to bring back with you. On return to the hotel you will be greeted with a Champagne breakfast before the chef heads back into the kitchen with your chosen ingredients to prepare a tailor-made lunch or dinner. Bespoke dining as its best – lie-ins are overrated anyway.

The Origins Market Package is available at Sanderson until 30th November 2016


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