Just when you thought the millennials had outdone themselves with the return of the beloved 90s franchise, Pokemon, in the form of Pokemon Go, we discovered something that will trump it: an Emoji Only Menu. The culprits behind it, The Little Yellow Door, will transform the appearance of their regular menu to read only in emojis, and the best part is you can order via Whatsapp directly to the kitchen – all in the universal language of emoji.

The menu will offer two courses like buffalo wings with crudities and blue cheese dip; seared steak roll with truffle mayo, caramelised onions and rocket, plus a drink of The Little Yellow Door’s House Punch. A touch of imagination will be required when perusing the menu and similar items will be brought in when the actual ingredient has been left out of the emoji world; a mushroom will act as a stand in for truffle mayo to give you an idea. Ask the waiters nicely enough and they will be happy to help translate if you start showing your age and struggle to understand what you’re ordering. First Pokemon Go and now emoji menus… what next?

The special summer set menu is available every Wednesday and Thursday throughout July and August.