Perhaps one of the most difficult things about living in such a dynamic and historic city as London is that too often we forget to appreciate the opportunities we have every day to experience London at its best. Tourists flock from all over the world just to get a taste of what we have at our fingertips, but we instead rush home from work and opt out of weekend adventures to sleep in and watch the next episode of Orange is the New Black. How many of us have actually seen the changing of the guards or spent an afternoon at Trafalgar Square? That’s why when venues such as the Wallace Collection present a new, limited time exhibition of extraordinary works, we must take advantage of our proximity to exquisite things. In short, mark your calendars, Londoners. 

This September, the Wallace Collection is debuting a contemporary display of works from widely exhibited British artist Tom Ellis, who lives and works in London. The collection seeks to redefine the notion of public and private space and examine how the nature of the space impacts the objects displayed within them. The exhibition places ambiguous figurative paintings alongside furniture crafted by the artist himself and will occupy three different areas within the museum: the Front State Room, the exhibition galleries, and before even entering Hertford House, on the front lawn. By showcasing these works in the former home, the exhibition will offer guests the opportunity to see contemporary works juxtaposed with historic decorative art.  

The Wallace Collection has been in the business of exhibiting contemporary art in dialogue with its historic collection for over a decade. It distinguishes itself from the rest by presenting paintings, porcelain, sculpture and furniture alongside each other so as to enrich the experience of the audience rather than what is customary and dividing up pieces by media, era or country of origin.

So show some London pride and soak up a bit of culture – that episode will still be there when you get home. 

Tom Ellis: The Middle will take place from Thursday 15th September to 27th November. To find out more or to book your reception and private view, please call 020 7563 9507 or email