Once upon a time, a night of meditation, thought-provoking short films, and speakers and artists would carry an air of pretentiousness and elitism. To some, it may still be the case, but to others, it may be an alternative to the traditional night out. In just over a month, all of these activities will be available to be enjoyed at an event called The Gathering. Described as a “conscious cabaret,” this event will be the first of many installments of holistic nights out for socialising, clean food, and spiritual cleansing.

The Gathering was started by Will Williams of Will Williams Meditation to encourage more people to partake in freer and cleaner lifestyles. The first ‘The Gathering’ will take place on 8th September at Cecil Sharp House with guest speakers Hemsley + Hemsley, home cooks who specialise in natural and nutrient-dense foods, and a special live acoustic set by Lucy Rose. The night is centred around conversation, but will also entail group meditation and delicious food and unlimited Pukka teas.

If you are not already sold on the perfect placement of the event in the artistic hub that is Camden, you can take their word that you will wake up 100% hangover free. There’s only one thing we can say to the skeptics and that’s don’t knock it until you try it. Be sure to visit their website for more information and ticket prices.

The first installment of The Gathering will begin on Thursday, 8th September at 6:30pm at the Cecil Sharp House in Camden. Book online in advance.