Pay What You Like at Galvin at Windows

17th August 2016

One of the big headaches about dining out is the bill. That innocent slip of paper so discreetly placed on the table, maybe with a chocolate to soften the blow. No matter how inevitable it is or how many times you’ve mentally tallied up your spend, it’s all too easy for those extra glasses of wine to add up – not to mention the creme brûlée you promised yourself (and your waistline) you’d avoid. X number of glasses of wine later and it’s not only you who is seeing double, yes the wine was good but your eyes don’t deceive you and your bill contains a decimal point a bit further along than you’d anticipated.

Galvin at Windows are giving you the chance to indulge in a five-course meal prepared by Michelin starred Head Chef, Joo Won and Chef Patron, Chris Galvin but forget bill-related dread, you won’t get a bill here. Instead, the restaurant encourages diners to pay what they like in a kind of honesty system that gives grumpy, tight Londoners the chance to redeem themselves. There are no catches here, only that diners are required to book 48 hours prior to the dining date and be prepared that there is a small chance the deal may not run. This depends on the integrity of previous diners, who the restaurant are relying on to pay enough to break even. Should this happen you can still enjoy Cornish mackerel, Suffolk pork belly and vanilla chocolate fondant with nougat parfait but for the market price – still a fair deal. Chris Galvin and General Manager Fred Sirieix (yep, First Dates Fred) “believe 99.9% of people value honesty and integrity” so come on London, don’t let them down.

Pay what you like at Galvin at Windows is available throughout August, based on a 2 day rolling mechanism. Monday to Friday 12-2.30pm, 6-6.30pm and 9-10pm. Reservations must be made 48 hours prior to eating by calling 020 7208 4021.

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