You don’t need us to tell you how much Londoners love gin, it’s been the drink everyone has been raving about for the last few years. How good is your gin knowledge though? Do you know the one ingredient that makes gin, gin?* Do you know where gin originated from? ** Do you know which spirit was the first in the world to be labelled dry gin when it was created? The answer to that last one is Plymouth Gin the much loved gin of the navy and this summer they’ve teamed up with Rivington Greenwich for a nautical themed terrace serving up cocktails inspired by the maritime heritage of Greenwich.

Open until the 18th September the terrace will serve up cocktails such as Bitter Peach made from Plymouth Navy, Plymouth Fruit Cup, Crème de Pêche, Koko Kanu and grapefruit; Harrison’s Martini – Plymouth Gin, Lillet Blanc and Plymouth Fruit Cup and The Pennant: Plymouth Gin, Plymouth sloe gin, Antica Formula, apricot brandy, lemon and orange. Talking of The Pennant, every day at 4pm the Pennant flag is hosted to mark the start of Plymouth hour, which actually runs until 7pm and means you can order gin and tonics for just £5. The Pennant flag would be hoisted on naval ships of invite others to board to the ship and drink gin which sounds like our sort of invite.  


**Holland… and you call yourself a gin fan.

The Plymouth Gin Dock Terrace runs until 18th September, for more information and to book click, head to the website below.