If you’re unfamiliar with the word ‘Kabuki’ don’t worry, we didn’t know what it meant either. A classical Japanese performance combining dance and drama, it’s most easily recognised by the distinctive make up worn by performers. UNESCO even count it as an Intangible Cultural Heritage so it’s worth knowing about. You may not have known that but one thing you should really know by know is that anything, be it cultural, geographical or historical, can be used to inspire a menu thanks to a creative chef somewhere out there itching to shake things up. 

Award-winning Japanese restaurant, ROKA, is celebrating Kabuki with a theatrical new cocktail menu and sharing snacks which include Japanese popcorn, spicy nori crackers and funky flavoured Japanese crisps. The drinks are where they’ve really pulled out all the stops; inspired by slush puppies, the alcoholic cocktails are made with a kakaigori machine (Google it) and include exotic flavours like cherry blossom and almond, yuzu and blackberry, and smoked corn.

ROKA’s Kabuki Hour runs from 5-7pm Monday to Friday at the Aldwych restaurant with Kabuki masks and music making it ideal for a pre-theatre stop-off getting you in the mood for some more drama.

Kabuki Hour at ROKA Aldwych launches on Tuesday 13th September then runs Monday – Friday, 5-7pm.