The Handbook
The Handbook

Slow Food Week, ironically, is fast approaching! That dreaded week where it takes an ungodly amount of time for the food to arrive at the table. If you’re unfortunate enough to be in view of the kitchen, you can actually see the waiter/waitress move at a snails pace, dishes in hand, less and less steam coming off the plate as they barely approach.

We’re just playing of course, Slow Food Week is all about enjoying food whilst committing to protect the the community and the environment. In celebration of this annual occasion, Boyds Grill & Wine Bar is creating a special one-off menu in appreciation of those principles.

The exclusive 5-course menu has been created by Executive Chef Nate Brewster using Slow Food approved ingredients. As perennial champions of the finest British produce, sourcing British, local, artisanal ingredients, applying the philosophies of Slow Food is playing firmly into their wheel-house.

Chef Nate is taking specific inspiration from Slow Food’s ‘Ark of Taste’, the widely acknowledged index of endangered foods. A savoury dish to look forward to is slow cooked Highland venison fillet, which will be served with barbecued Victorian plum purée, compressed Heritage carrots and braised venison pie. While on the sweet side, diners can expect Nate’s modern take on a classic British dessert; apple and blackberry crumble, made using hand-picked ingredients.

And rest assured, these plates will be served with impeccable timing.

The Slow Food Week 5-course menu is available 1st-8th October at Boyds Grill & Wine Bar