The Handbook
The Handbook

The Day of the Dead will soon be upon us; don’t be concerned, this isn’t an advertisement for an impending apocalypse, no no. A prospect that is much less gloomy and much more appealing is around the corner. From Thursday 3rd to Saturday 5th November Wahaca is hosting a three-day celebration of Mexico’s renowned Day of the Day Festival at The Vaults in London’s Waterloo.

A hive of activity awaits, all inspired by Wahaca’s commitment to immerse us within modern, Mexican culture. The evening will commence with a market at Leake Street Tunnel starting at 8pm dedicated to the delights of Mexican food, with offerings with a twist from the likes of Patty & Bun, Bob’s Lobster and Annie Mae’s Mac & Cheese. For those with a taste for the theatrical, face painting and dressing-up areas will be available in order to truly get into the spirit of proceedings. And this is just the beginning. Lead from the market by the visually stunning performers of the Dia de Muertos procession you’ll be taken to The Vaults… here the night will turn into a euphoric mix of hedonism and celebration. Music, raves and wrestling will accompany you into the early hours, while a tunnel of remembrance can be explored, celebrating the lives of icons who’ve past on this year. All this culminating in a tight embrace of an eclectic, distinctive, colourful culture.

On top of this a set course dinner will be hosted at 6.30 every evening by Wahaca co-founder Thomasina Miers and Mexican Chef Santiago Lastra. Only available to a limited number this will be a rare foodie experience representing the best in Mexican and Latin American cuisine.

If still unconvinced, this should do it; tequila will be flowing…perpetually! 

Wahaca Day of the Dead will be running from Thursday 3rd – Saturday 5th November