Bombay Sapphire’s Grand Journey

By Tom Burnett |
13th October 2016

Embarking on a journey under the influence of alcohol isn’t unusual, in fact, it happens with worrying regularity and usually you want to forget about it. The endeavour is of course a dragon chase, and more often than not we’re at the front. Anyway, back on topic. Not all journeys involving alcohol need be predicated on escalating debauchery, as BOMBAY SAPPHIRE┬« prove.

The world and UK’s no.1 premier gin is launching The Grand Journey; a one-off immersive drinking and tasting experience. Created by the House of Bombay and leading design talent The Robin Collective, The Grand Journey celebrates the beauty and richness behind the creation of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE.

This virtual (reassuring) passage around the world is inspired by the 10 beautiful botanical locations used to create the gin, taking guests on a journey that fuses the worlds of art, food and visual design. That doesn’t mean chequered dance floors, chicken-tikka kebabs and smoke machines. Those who choose to immerse will be entertained for 60 minutes by a cast of characters, moving images, music, lighting and fragrance as they voyage into the world of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE.

This is one journey driven by alcohol that you’ll want to remember when you wake up.┬á

The Grand Journey will be coming to London on the 17th October for one week.

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